Aditya Chauhan
  Aadi Chauhan




I kept on waiting for something which I knew would never come ..
I kept on rejoicing the bitter pain but today once again I feel so numb …

Life ain’t that bad enough, even though I find myself lost in the dark ..
Ain’t afraid of pain anymore, I stand once again after being torn apart …

Though Love knocked my door so many times, I always waited for you ..

I ain’t giving up on “Love” , I did wait cuz I never wanted to give up on you …

It still brings me a smile when I remember the first time we talked ..

You walked down to me so elegantly holding the key to my heart …

I miss those late night talks, it does make me happy once again ..

But most of all I miss you when I find myself walking all alone in pain ..

I miss everything about you but this life is short to hold on for too long ..

You will always be in my heart even though I’ve realized that you’re gone ..

Our Love was the most beautiful thing, I’ve ever experienced on this earth,
Going through the pain doesn’t matter cuz your Love is much more worth”


Aadi Chauhan  
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